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Going The Extra Mile Gives Us Our Competitive Edge

We prioritize our customers and their satisfaction over other goals and objectives. At F&H Tech Group, it’s all about you and your needs.

LIVE SUPPORT – We offer round-the-clock support to minimize disruption to critical applications and services and ensure business continuity.   

Flexible Settings – We design scalable products that can be customized later with bare minimal effort, cost and downtime.  

Free SEO Audit Report Of Your Website 

We will analyze and rate your website on several SEO factors and recommend result-oriented actions to improve your website’s performance on search engines. We will also perform competitor analysis to reveal how you fare against other market players. While undertaking the exhaustive analysis.

we will touch upon the below aspects: 

  • Search Engine Optimization  
  • Search Engine Marketing  
  • Content Marketing  
  • Social Media Marketing  



We believe in challenging the status-quoOur energized and motivated team is constantly driven by the urge to conceptualize and introduce new and out-of-the-box ideas and products that can give you competitive advantage. 


Impress Your Clients

We are not here to impress you with jazzy designs and tall talks. Our aim is to delight you with creative and result-oriented solutions and unparalleled service.


Web Development

We provide end-to-end support in the realm of web design and development. Starting from detailed requirement gathering and discerning of appropriate tools and design elements to formulation of a robust and scalable website and assistance with after-sale support – we are involved in every stage. 


Ecommerce Solutions

We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge e-commerce solutions that incorporate the latest technological innovations and social & industry trends to design features and functionalities that amplify end user engagement and your brand’s reputation & salability.


How we can be useful for you

Our Services!

Our variety of services help position your brand as a formidable name in the market.

Pay Per Click – Generate new leads and get charged only when your PPC ad is clicked.   

Search Engine Optimization – Get noticed easily and grab the attention of prospects faster than your competitors.  

Content Marketing – Seek the advantage of fresh and relatable content to converts leads into customers.  

Social Media Marketing – Popularize your brand through social media discussions with compelling videos, blogs and posts.  

Search Engine Marketing – Put your company in the limelight with proven search engine marketing campaigns. 

Local Search – Exploit the local clientele. Leverage innovative localization strategies to appear in local searches. 

Personalized Website – Launch an aesthetically designed website that personifies your brand’s underlying ethos and values. 

Admin Support

Administrative support for the businesses is a blend of leadership as well as critical thinking. Admins are aware of the limitation of the organization they orient around, when it comes to finances, capital or any other resources, admins can weigh the benefits as well as risks. Creating new revenue streams are possible with great admin support.

Business Consulting

A good business consulting should be someone who understands your business and the crucial points within it very finely. They are required to point out even the tiniest opportunities in the business with perfection.

Creative/Graphic Design

Aligning creativity with designing can result in more productivity. Every day, a number of consulting, financial & tech companies are leveraging the potential offered by creative designs. Creative vision & a deemed business strategy makes a brand expression. Creative design can be one of the parameters that are driving growth.

Digital Marketing

With the advancement of technology and superabundance of Digital Marketing around the world, businesses these days are doing everything to match up the pace. Digital marketing is really important, in the fiscal year 2016 alone, over 34% businesses had an organized digital marketing strategy. Traditional methods of marketing are no longer sufficient to fill the void; Digital Marketing is breaking the 20th century way of marketing by increasing the revenue of the businesses by over 30%. To be an active part of the vivid as well as lucrative online marketing place, you require incorporating a deemed Digital Marketing plan.

ERP Solution

The traditional definition of E.R.P. has changed dramatically over the past few years. As a matter of fact, E.R.P. stands for ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’, and as we already mentioned, the definition has deflected from its traditional meaning. Now, the name E.R.P. is not limited only to the big enterprises, and corporations. Rather, nowadays a lot of new (or say small) businesses and firms are realizing the potential of Enterprise Resource Planning.


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We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach and offer customized solutions based on your distinct business model.



Our executive-level dashboards will empower you with holistic insights into every critical aspect of your business.


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